How to choose the right visuals for your pop-ups!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

As an ecommerce brand, it’s absolutely critical that you convey the message and as well as your core values in an effective and efficient way.

And picking the right image is absolutely critical for that.

You see, words are processed by short-term memory but images go into our long-term memory.

We can recall images much faster and for much longer than the words we read.

Now one of the challenges our clients face is which image to choose for the pop-up?

Should it be a product image or a review or something more branded?

In this article, we will review exactly that by giving you some rules

Rule # 1 - Put Yourself In Your Customers Shoes

The first rule is pretty simple. 

You need to know the message you want to give your customers.

You also need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and decide if that image makes sense?

Never go with personal preferences.

Make sure that image is relevant to your brand and your audience.

More importantly, it needs to be relevant to the message you want to convery.

Pick an image that supports the copy on pop-up.

Rule # 2 - Be Unique

A common mistake ecommerce brands make is being overly reliant on stock images.

That absolutely kills your brand’s originality.

Try to use your own images and make sure they stand out.

A great idea is to use user-generated content from your past customers.

Ask them for review, ask them to send you videos or images using your products or to tag your brand on such a post.

Get permission and then you can use those super original visuals or videos in your marketing efforts like media buying or lead capturing pop-ups.

Rule # 3 - Always use a high resolution yet compressed image!

When picking images for pop-ups, you don’t need them in 3000 x 1200 px resolution.

Without using the correct resolution, the size of these images will be in MBs.

That means your pop-up is going to take longer to load.

Even worse, your page load speed would be impacted and in e-commerce every milli-second matters.

Customers want instant gratifications. 

Try to use high resolution images but resize them before utilizing them in the pop-ups.

Also, stay away from blurry or confusing visuals!


  1. Relevance is super important (with brand, with audience, with your message!)
  2. Be YOU. Don’t take the easy route of stock images
  3. Be memorable. Make sure the image is unique
  4. Make sure your image is resized for faster loading!



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