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Timmy did an amazing job setting up everything i needed as well as helping me after the fact to understand how everything he's set up works and how it will benefit me in the long run. Revisions were taken care of super quickly with no hesitation and just as I needed them. Everything from Design to the actual flows themselves were set up in an amazing fashion. Timmy did an amazing job and i wouldn't recommend anyone else!
Fitify Pro
Timmy created world-class email flows for my business in a timely fashion, and delivered copy tailored uniquely to my brand. It would have taken me weeks to do what Timmy did better in a matter of days. Only required minor edits to copy. Timmy also helped integrate Klaviyo with my wordpress/woocommerce site.
Higher Hemp
Timmy speaks to you in a very professional tone, with excellent delivery. I chose him based on the review, but it didn't rob me of expectations. If you are looking for a Klaviyo gig, then look no further! He is also creative with how to structure emails. Definitely worth your time, energy, and money. I want to thank Timmy for the excellent work I received.
Taikiko bayashi
Fairly Species
Wow this guy really knows his stuff. I was looking for someone to fix up my flows on Klaviyo and he did more than that. I had a Zoom call with him also and it was mind blowing the speed and knowledge of Klaviyo. I'm now going to proceed with a management service for the next 6 months.
Rudy Project
Timmy was super helpful in helping a "newbie" understand a bit more about how Klaviyo works and was quick to make changes requested. Highly recommend his services. Refreshingly good command of English versus other people I have worked with on Fiverr. Thanks for your work!
Atelier Boemia
Timmy is a master at his craft. Really excellent at communicating everything thoroughly and very happy with the results we have seen in just days of completion.
The level of service was awesome, There were barely any corrections that needed to be made and helped out alot. I would definitely recommend using him.
Quin nicholee
Quin Nicholee Boutique
Honest, efficient, and straight to the point. Don't even look anywhere else if you're looking for solid backend email flows (money printer) for your store and if you don't use email you should absolutely start now -> Just place your order.
Idiale Media
Very patient and helpful throughout the process of working with each other. I, unfortunately, had many delays on my end, but they were very professional in helping me to get back on course and to create a beautiful website.

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