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$300k rev from emails - 9 months.

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Home Decor Brand

June 2022 - Feb 2023

Email Marketing

- Kehkishan
- Maidah
- Madi
- Timmy


OneAffirmation is a lifestyle brand founded on the belief that positivity and self-love can transform lives. The company offers a range of products, including home decor, accessories, and apparel, all designed with uplifting messages and positive affirmations. We started working with Ginny, the founder of OneAffirmation, in April 2022. She was looking for flows and campaigns that are in-line with her brand and could help the brand grow and scale via additional revenue.


When we started, there were barely any email flows in place. Ginny had been sending campaigns but somewhat inconsistently and needed help. As most store owners, she had a lot on her place and wanted to delegate the email marketing channel for her.
The main challenges that Ginny wanted to face were:
  • Brand had no flows in place
  • List was unsegmented
  • There was no EDM strategy in place to engage and monetize the list


In month 1, the brand was at barely 8% revenue from Klaviyo as there were no foundational flows in place. Then we saw that grow to 18%, 25% and eventually by 2023 we were at 35% of revenue from Klaviyo. Over the year, our team used the data to test products, promotions, optimized lead-generation and overall improved conversion rate. Overall, we generated $300K in revenue for OneAffirmation!