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Because without those, your store is bleeding revenue every single day!

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More than 1300 store owners have already increased their store revenue using our powerful email flows.

Hey — I’m Timur, the founder of AskTimmy, and together with my team, we have helped some of the best e-commerce brands grow and scale via emails.

I’ve been helping e-commerce brands get started with email marketing for over 3 years now. In that timeframe I created flows for over 1300 ecommerce stores. With my help, these brands were able to quickly set up a converting email flows to engage their subscribers throughout the customer journey. 

Through our proven flow framework, you will build your subscriber list faster, convert more prospects into customers, and more customers into raving fans.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve learned that one of the biggest mistakes e-commerce store owners make is neglecting email marketing as a channel. Without emails, they have higher cost-of-acquisition and are less profitable than they could be.

For example, here’s a sporting goods brand that did 4.5 million dollars in revenue last year. They had a single cart abandonment flow live throughout 2022… Revenue from Klaviyo stood at 8%. Now, most of our clients see AT LEAST 20% OF REVENUE coming from our flows if they have a decent conversion rate on the website.

Let’s say they did have the flows in place, and let’s say that they were getting 20% rev. They would have generated $902,731 instead of $362,311 in 2022.

… that’s a loss of over half a mil in revenue.

These things matter — because they are actively preventing you from truly scaling your business.

In my experience, there are 3 main reasons why store owners keep putting this off.

  1. They want to do it themselves but either they don’t have time or procrastinate.

  2. They don’t know where to start and get intimidated by the platform.

  3. They get quoted ridiculously high prices by agencies that they can’t afford.

All of these are valid reasons but you need your flows set up yesterday because without a solid foundation, you will have:

Higher cost of acquisition with no cart recovery, welcome flow, & post-purchase follow-up.

Slower list growth without a proper lead-gen pop-up, triggers, and follow-up sequences.

Bleeding revenue which means you’ll have less to spend on testing or introducing new products or scaling ads.

In a matter of days, I can help you set up the foundation for your email marketing that will help you:

✅   Decrease your customer acquisition costs.

✅   Increase your average order value.

✅   Significantly increase your conversion rates.

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some of the results that our clients have seen by using our flows framework.

With our proven email framework, you will be able to get better results without dumping a lot of money into online ads. We have three packages that our clients can select and deploy for their e-commerce brands:

Basic Package

3 Email Flows
$ 49
One-time Setup
  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Browse Abandonment Flow
  • Welcome Flow
  • Pop-up Setup

Standard Package

6 Email Flows
$ 199
One-time Setup
  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Welcome Flow
  • Thank You Flow
  • Winback Flow
  • Post-Purchase Flow
  • Pop-up Setup

Premium Package

8 Email Flows
$ 299
One-time Setup
  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Browse Abandonment Flow
  • Welcome Flow
  • Thank You Flow
  • Winback Flow
  • Post-Purchase Flow
  • VIP Flow
  • Upsell Flow
  • Pop-up Setup

The overall process is very, very simple. We have broken that down into three stages:

Stage 1: Submit Order Request

  • Sign up for a package of your choice.
  • Submit the requirements (logo, imagery, discounts, etc.)
  • Wait for the onboarding email (1 working day)

Stage 2: Place Order

  • Clear your invoice (we’ll provide you with a link)
  • We’ll add you to a dedicated Slack channel
  • We’ll need you to add team to Klaviyo and store (optional)

Stage 3: Review & Approve Flows

  • The team will start working on your account.
  • Master template and flows are drafted (3-4 days)
  • We’ll share details with you so you can review them
  • Changes covered in the scope of work are taken care of.
  • Flows, once you approve them, will be activated 🎉