Conquer Browse Abandonment: Quick Fixes for Boosting Sales

Ever found yourself browsing through an online store, intrigued by some products, only to get pulled away by life’s distractions? Suddenly, an email pops into your inbox, gently nudging you to revisit those items. That’s the magic of Klaviyo’s Browse Abandonment Flow—an invaluable tool for e-commerce success. However, Klaviyo default settings might unintentionally limit its effectiveness.

Unlocking Potential: Beyond Default Settings

At first glance, Klaviyo’s default settings for the Browse Abandonment Flow seem logical. Filtering out individuals who have initiated checkout or placed an order ensures relevance and prevents over-messaging. Yet, there’s a hidden pitfalls here—one that could inadvertently cost you revenue


The Smart Sending Dilemma

Smart Sending, enabled by default, can be a double-edged sword. While it aims to prevent email overload, it often deprives businesses of crucial touchpoints. Imagine a subscriber clicking through your latest campaign, ripe for re-engagement via a browse abandonment email. With Smart Sending active, this pivotal moment slips by, potentially impacting revenue streams.

Targeting Recent Purchasers

Commonly, after making a purchase, customers tend to revisit the product page. Approximately half of them engage in this behavior. However, this presents a challenge. Once a customer places an order and returns to view the product, it triggers the flow, potentially resulting in them receiving a follow-up email. However, bombarding them with more emails risks annoying them and diluting your marketing efforts. Plus, there’s the added challenge of maintaining a healthy spam complaint rate amidst evolving spam regulations by Google and Yahoo.

Solutions to Enhance Performance

To overcome these challenges and maximize Klaviyo’s potential, here’s a simple two-step solution:

Disable Smart Sending: Take back control of your email timing and frequency. It might seem counterintuitive, but this allows you to capitalize on key touchpoints without restraint.

Implement Additional Filters: Exclude customers who’ve made a purchase within the last seven days. This ensures your browse abandonment emails are reaching the most receptive audience, without bombarding recent buyers.

With just two minor tweaks to your browse abandonment flow, which will hardly take you 5 minutes, you can solve both problems. You’ll capitalize on touchpoints with customers viewing your campaign and avoid targeting recent purchasers unnecessarily.


Optimizing Klaviyo’s Browse Abandonment Flow requires a departure from default settings. By recognizing its importance, identifying pitfalls, and making targeted adjustments, businesses can enhance  revenue generation while enhancing customer experiences. It’s about finding the right balance between automation and personalization to guide customers through their e-commerce journey effectively. This you you will definitely healthy metrics such as high placeorder rate and low spam rate.

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